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Payroll Service

The "Payroll People" at Bailey & Thompson Tax & Accounting, PA are your one-stop personal payroll specialists.

We provide ready-for-signing paychecks, tax returns and tax deposits to take away the worries of payroll penalties. We also offer direct-deposit at a small additional fee.

Our specialists are available locally and our fee is less than your cost of 1 late deposit penalty.

The "Payroll People" can also handle all of those unusual things that cause so many payroll problems-garnishees, retirement plans, cafeteria plans, churches and electronic tax deposits.

Advantages of Using the "Payroll People":

  • Easy to use fax, on-line or email service,
  • We provide checks ready for signing,
  • We prepare all forms, schedules, W-2's and tax deposits,
  • We prepare everything on a timely, professional basis,
  • We provide year-to-date totals on every check, and reports for every pay period,
  • We free up your valuable time for more productive work,
  • We can automatically direct-deposit your employee paychecks,
  • Our fee is lower than one penalty you are assessed for late deposits,
  • Your pay period fee includes our fee for calculating and printing payroll checks, preparing quarterly and year end tax filings, and providing you with pay period earnings reports. The only additional charges are W-2s and a year end reconciliation fee.