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Tax Preparation

With an ever changing set of tax law and regulation, it is a great benefit to have a tax professional handle your tax compliance and planning needs. We provide the following tax compliance services:

Corporate Tax Return Preparation

(Form 1120 & 1120S)– We are very knowledgeable in the preparation of both regular corporations and Subchapter S Corporations. We are fully aware of how both of these business interact with their owners and how to properly prepare and present the returns to the IRS.

Partnership Tax Return Preparation

(Form 1065)– For federal tax purposes an LLC is usually taxed as a partnership. This form of business has become prevalent with the boom in the real estate market. We have extensive experience preparing real estate partnerships as well as operating partnerships.

Individual Tax Return Preparation

(Form 1040) – No return is too large or too small for us to prepare. Why spend an entire weekend at the kitchen table working on your personal tax return? We have the knowledge and experience to answer your questions and prepare your return in a prompt professional manner.

Sales Tax

Many states and local jurisdictions require businesses to pay the sales tax on a monthly basis. We will prepare these returns for you.

Franchise Tax Return

Most states impose a franchise tax on business structures in their state. These taxes may run from $100 per year to several thousand per year depending on the state. It is critical these are correctly calculated and timely paid in order to keep your business in good standing with the state.

Additional Tax Compliance Services

In addition to tax compliance, we offer a full range of tax planning services. Tax planning is used as a preemptive step to plan transactions and assess your situation before the end of the year and implement a plan to reduce your tax liability. Some of the common tax planning areas we cover are:

  • Charitable giving
  • Equipment purchases
  • Bonuses
  • Business structure and reorganization
  • Evaluation of withholding allowances
  • Fringe benefit plans
  • Tax impact of stock sales
  • Tax impact of stock options
  • Section 1031 like kind exchanges of real estate
  • Tax Preparation & Projections
  • Retirement plan contributions

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